Non-Toxic - Stabilized - Bactericide
A formula of stabilized oxygen molecules 
in a solution of sodium chloride carbonate and sulfate.

Water Purification and more! 

Virtually Tasteless and Odorless

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ION Stabilized Oxygen

Recognized by the World Health Organization
as an effective disinfectant in the
purification of drinking water.


Quick Facts about the Ion Drops:

Ion Drops purify water.

  • Ion Drops are Non-Toxic
  • Ion Drops are a Bactericide
  • Ion Drops are Virtually Tasteless
  • Ion Drops are Virtually Odorless
  • Ion Drops Kill Pathogenic Bacteria
  • Ion Drops are Stabilized Oxygen molecules
  • Recognized by the World Health Organization
  • Effective disinfectant in purifying water
  • Easy to use
  • Long shelf life
  • Each bottle contains about 1400 drops.
  • Effective disinfectant in purifying water.
  • One bottle will purify 110 gallons of water
  • NoteIon has been approved by the FDA for water purification purposes only.  Any claims other than those made by various tests and studies, as listed at the link below, are anecdotal.  

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